About Me

Name: Alex
DOB: 12/1980
Location: Pennsylvania
Occupation: EMT

You want the quick and dirty autobiography, huh? Let’s do it.

I was born in Rochester, NY. Moved to Fredonia, NY for college. Married in 2002. BA in History in 2003. Moved to PA later that year with the wifey to her home region. Became an EMT in 2004. Enrolled in Nursing school in 2008.

Hobbies include spending time with my wife and toddler son, Geocaching, weaving Chainmaille, rocking out on my MAME cabinet, attending LAN parties, and engaging in various RPGs.

I considering myself a novice D&D’er but find that I lack the necessary time to immerse myself in the hobby. Working 45+ hours a week, taking night classes to become a registered nurse (because my BA in History is worthless..), and spending time with my wife and pre-school son have caused me to reorganize my priorities with regards to how I spend my available free time.

On this blog, I plan to outline time saving techniques along with methods to get your D&D fix while still staying within your time budget.

Update: November 18th, 2010
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