I modified my Syma x5c-1 transmitter buttons

I recently purchased a Syma x5c-1 from Amazon and have been really enjoying it. One thing that has bothered me about it, however, is the placement of the buttons that toggle the camera functions. I have to remove my fingers from the elevation stick in order to press them and I don’t like giving up that control, even for a second while I look down to make sure I’m pressing the right ones.

I decided to open up the transmitter and see if I could add some buttons in a place where I could toggle them without having to look down or move my fingers from the control sticks. Using my multimeter, I tested the solder pads on the back of the PCB where the buttons were for video and snapshot taking to find which pairs would count as a button click when pressed. I then soldered lead wires to those pads.


I had to be careful when deciding where to place the buttons as I wanted them to be in a comfortable spot for toggling but there wasn’t an ample amount of room inside the controller.


To help ensure the contacts didn’t bump together once everything was squished inside the controller, I used heatshrink tubing.


Here is the finished product. I can easily press the buttons without having to fumble around.


Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 at 01:07
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