I derailed the DM’s plans.. and I sort of liked it.


I had the pleasure of stepping out from behind the screen and playing an actual character this past weekend. A comrade of mine invited me to a charity fund raiser Game Night at his church. D&D was on the schedule and we both RSVP’ed to guarantee us spots at the table.

With less than a week left on my D&D Insider subscription, my comrade and I both rolled up level 4 Bards to tag team the action. I found a fresh list of Yo Momma jokes to go with the Vicious Mockery At-Will power my character possessed and packaged up my play-gear.

Game time came (after being exposed to Munchkin for the first time!) and I was eager to get down to business.  Since it had been quite some time since I had played or even DMed, I had a physical copy of the Rules Compendium handy to flip through as needed.

Our first encounter began in a tavern. Baddies attacked in the middle of a bardic song. After a few rounds consisting of Yo Momma jokes, the DM made a move that made my ears perk up. She moved one of the heavy hitters towards the bar tender. But in the next turn, moved another heavy hitter also towards the same target.

Something’s going on. I felt it in my DM bones! I continued to wail on the two baddies about to harm he who makes the ale flow and then one of them grabbed the bar tender.

Oh hells no!

Quickly I thumbed through the Rules Compendium to the section on” Grabbed”.  I knew there was some way to cause the monster to drop his poor victim. A few seconds later, I found the answer and feverishly pawed through my power cards that I printed out on card stock. There it was. Staggering Note – Attacks the target and moves it two squares.  I looked up and grinned from ear to ear. Forced movement causes the grabber to drop the grabbed but only if the movement ends up being out of reach of the grabbed person. Two squares did it.

When it was my turn, I began to describe the action. As stated on the card “The sharp sound you create causes your opponent to recoil clumsily.” Since I was using a magical short sword as my implement, I described the sound as my scuffing the blade against the stone floor. When the hit landed, I read off the rest of the power and noted that the bar tended was now free.

The DM looked a little surprised and took a moment to think before responding. With her next turn she moved and regrabbed the bar tender. It was then that I knew her intention was to drag him out of the tavern and probably end the encounter.

I continued to use the aforementioned power to have the monster drop the bar tender. After a few rounds, the rest of the party was able to come over and layeth the smack down. With the killing melee blow, the DM asked with a smile “Do you just want to knock him unconscious?” Her husband who was playing a character looked at her and simply said “…no.”

Our session ended because it was getting late (we started late) but everyone agreed that nothing short of a good time was had.

Also bought a copy of Munchin the next day :)

Thursday, August 8th, 2013 at 10:30
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