Free Printable, Stackable D&D Status/Initiative Cards

I know I’m not the first person to think of this idea but I wasn’t able to easily find any printable version online so I went ahead and made my own. Please feel free to download these, print them out, and use them in your sessions.

The premise is simple – Use folded pieces of card stock paper to hang over your DM screen to keep track of initiative. Here is a picture of the system in its crudest form, just scribbled on with a marker/pen and hung over the top.

Please note that from the DM’s side, initiative should be read from right to left so the PCs can see it in the normal reading direction of left to right.  Anywho. The system worked fine but I wanted a way to tract status as well of both monsters and heroes. The solution is to stack smaller cards on top of the larger ones so you’re still able to see the info of all cards at the same time.  Like this:

The bottom most card is for the baddies or hero. In the .rar file, the green bordered ones are for heroes, the black are for baddies. The second tier from the bottom is yellow and are the conditions. The rest of self-descriptive. For “marked”, I’ve left it up to the PC who marked the creature to keep track of it and claim the mark upon his/her (well…`his` in my case since my sessions are always a giant sausage fest) marking of the creature and when the marked creature’s turn comes up. Sort of the same for ongoing damage.

So please. Download this file, un-rar it, and print out what you need. There is a sheet full of the hero and baddie cards as well as marked, bloody, and ongoing damage. For the conditions, I included a sheet for each one but I also have a sheet that has one of each on it.

Click to download the cards(214k)

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