Things I Learned From My Recent D&D Session

My monthly 4e D&D group met up for its third session. After the 10 hour gaming session, I learned quite a few things as a DM.

1) I need a d100

Well, sure I could use two d10′s but a d100 is a little more…dramatic. My PCs kept rolling 1′s most of the night and I decided to adopt some Critical Fumbles. A google search during the session relvealed a few lists/tables but I think I’ll end up making my own. A dagger was busted, some folks stunned themselves for a few rounds, others granted combat advantage.  On the flip side, I’m thinking of using a Critial Hit list as well to give some bonuses when folks roll crits.

2) Don’t underestimate the importance of initiative

It’s not just for keeping organization during combat. The party decided to spend the night in the dungeon. During the second half of their extended rest, a skeletal cyclops and some of his boneshard buddies paid the slumbering adventurer’s a visit. The cyclops went dead (ha..) last in the initiative order and was almost bloodied by the time the 5 PCs were done with their first turn. I thought for sure I’d get to harrass the PCs a little longer but his time on the map was short lived (..heh…ugh).

3) Combat after combat after combat after combat is Teh Suxx0r.

I’m running a canned adventure and the never-endeding series of combat encounters is nauseating. I used to create my own adventures with my last campaign but due to time restrictions, decided to use a canned one. My players are itching to solve some puzzles and role play (well..some are) and I don’t want to let that enthusiasm fade away due to lack of opportunities. I’m going to be tweaking the canned adventure to add some elements in that will spice up the sessions while still being able to use the maps and what not. I may have to use the Monster Builder thingy to tweak the baddies if the PCs advance in level ahead of schedule.

4) The new printer I bought was VITAL!

I picked up a new printer that would play nicely with the Windows 7 64bit I run – a wireless printer at that. Last night, the party leveled (level 2..woo) and everyone updated their char on the character builder and was able to print it from their own laptops to the wireless printer. When magic items were obtained, new sheets with the updated stats would spit out of the printer tray. We had to load it with paper three times last night.

5) Glue the tokens on the BACK of the 1″ glass tiles I mentioned previously

In the last post here, I talked about glueing tokens to 1″ glass tiles purchased at Lowe’s/Home Depot. They worked great BUT the back of the tiles has a glue like substance on it which began to stick to the paper maps I had printed out and were hard to slide around using my craps casino stick (which rocked by the way). The solution is to glue the tokens to the glue’ish side of the tiles.  S’all good in the hood.

6) My craps stick needs to be modified

It was hard to push around the tokens once combat groups clumped together. The possible solution as suggested by a player of mine is to go back to the washer system and rig the craps stick with an electromagnet with a button control on the base of the stick. That way, I can go fishing for the metal washer token I want to move, engage the electromagnet to pick it up, move it, place it down on the map, and release the button disengaging the magnet and releasing the token on the map. It doesn’t seem like too hard a deal really.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 at 11:42
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