Using Google Wave with online D&D sessions


The online 4e D&D group I DM brought a concern to me stating that they would like some sort of interaction between our live sessions.  As is stood, we were meeting roughly every 4-5 weeks for a ~3 hour session.  It was very easy to lose momentum and feel a tad lost and out of practice when it came time for us to play a live session.

At first, I began thinking of a few ways to handle the situation. As previously mentioned, I have a server running that allows my players to log in and use the D&D Character Builder without having to buy their own subscription. Some of my players are Linux users and are unable to use the builder anyways. If I left Gametable running on there, we could exchange emails and move our players accordingly on the Gametable map throughout the day. There were concerns right away that managing combat via email would be a hassle and I had to agree thus it was decided we would advance the plot/story line between the live sessions and save the meat & potatoes for when we’re all together online.

But Google Wave is in the preview stage (pre-beta) and is invite only. So I said to my group at the last live session:

It would rock if we all had Google Wave to manage this stuff. I think it would work perfectly for it.

And then one of my players spoke up:

Yeah I’ve got enough invites for everyone here.

Whaaaaaat?! Turns out he had a slew of them and immediately sent out the invites. It took a couple days for them to arrive in our inboxes but within minutes, we all had our accounts set up and were exchanging test waves.


Without going in to how Google Wave works (see this link for a video on that), I firmly believe it`ll allow us to keep the campaign flavor going even between live sessions.

Do others here do campaign work between sessions? If so, what medium do you choose to use?

Sorry, there are no more invites available.

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 at 10:18

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