Wii Review: Trauma Center – New Blood

Yes. We bought a Wii. I walked in to Target one night, went back to the desk and saw one sitting there. The clerk asked, “May I help you?” and I simply pointed at the box and stated “I want that.”


I used my Coke Reward points to get a free month of GameFly (Like Netflix, but for games) so I can try out various games before I invest in them. When I was in like 5th grade, I had a bad experience when I bought what appeared to be a good looking game for my Game Boy (the -original- Game Boy) and it blew chunks. I was stuck with it as its rather hard to return an opened game. Now I always go the `try before you buy` route especially when games are around $50 a pop. So I filled my GameQ (waiting list) up and got my first selection a couple days later.

I was really pumped to discover that a game like this existed. With me being an EMT and a nursing student and my wife already an RN, how much better could it get?!

Trauma Center – New Blood is the second release in the series for the Wii (with Trauma Center – Second Opinion being the first). I had the option to rent both but figured I’d have more fun with the latest edition. Since I’m only keeping these games for a day or two so I can rotate out to a fresh title before my month membership is up, I played the game for about an hour or so to get the general feel for it.

There’s some sort of story line going on that I did my best to fast forward through but from what I caught, you’re a young cocky doctor who is stuck in some remote wilderness hospital in Alaska. Your char believes that due to the remote location, nothing good`ll come through the doors.


There are tutorials available before game play begins that runs you through the tools you`ll be using on the first few scenarios. I forgot the order in which the first few scenes are executed but I there’s a simple extraction of stomach tumors, a bear attack victim, and a gun shot wound to the chest (which I failed.. several times).

I know the game is played with the nunchuck but it took me a few moments to realize just how its used.

While this screen shot shows two players (Yes! Tag team surgery!) you can see the little tool wheel in each corner. Here I was pointing my Wii remote at the wheel and pressing A to get the tool. Nope. Turns out you use the thumb control on the nunchuck to select the instrument. In this screen shot you can see the player is trying to reconstruct the left part of a patient’s rib cage causing the player to have to rotate their wrist to place the fragment in properly like a puzzle piece.

This video shows game play for the first procedure with the stomach tumors.


There’s a timer in the corner as well as a numerical vital sign that has no medical value. If you screw up during the procedure, this number will fall with 0 being death. One of your tools is some magical green liquid that once injected, will raise the patient’s vital signs but I think the max possible vital sign falls too. Sort of like in Marvel vs. Capcom when your char takes damage, you can switch out to recover but the max possible recovery lowers with the damage taken.

So, lets wrap it up with some Pros and Cons


  • Fun for medical folks/trauma junkies
  • Co-op play instead of head to head meaning you get the whole screen
  • Interesting story line (from what I’ve been reading. There’s `bosses` too)
  • Lots of spoken dialogs during the procedure


  • Can’t fast forward through all story line dialog at once. “A” for each person talking.
  • Bone fragments were hard to place properly as they appeared to fit several ways

The wifey and I didn’t get to play co-op on this before I returned it but I’m certainly going to buy this one!

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