Gametable Tutorial: Map Organization

I’m sure everyone has a wish list of features they’d love to see added to Gametable. This post`ll tell you how to workaround what I feel is the most important one.

I try to keep the bulk of my map elements (dungeons, towns, roads) all on one map. It doesn’t necessarily have to be to scale though. This is done for a few reasons.

1) Player Pogs do not retain their titles and attributes when loading a new map.  As stated in earlier posts, I ask my players to list their HP, AC, and any other pertinent information as attributes. It can get annoying for them to have to reenter the information because we’re changing maps.

2) It makes it easier if the PCs want to re-visit a place they’ve been before. I don’t have to dig around for the map of that area and cause the headache of Issue #1 above.

My wish list item for Gametable would be a way to enter grid coordinates to jump to map areas that I’ve laid out. For example.. the dungeon would be at grids 150 x 233. I would enter that in a box and jump to the dungeon entrance.  As of now, there is no such option.

Here’s  my workaround.

On the private map screen, drop a pog near whatever region you want to mark and be able to “jump to” on demand and give it a suitable label for easy reference. Double click on it to jump to its location, which’ll put you where you want to be (“Wherever you go, there you are!). The pog doesn’t have to be anything special.  I use this one.

Nifty little sign from Zelda 3: A Link to the Past for the SNES. I dropped it outside my dungeon entrance on my private map, which`ll then display it on the active pog listing (for the private map, remember. So only I will see it since it an active pog on my private map).

And there ya have it! Ooh. Disregard the black dragon there.. My PCs will be find him this weekend. Bwahaha!

Monday, November 17th, 2008 at 11:05
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