A new project!

The CzArcade is coming along nicely. Construction was finished on Saturday and all that remains is stuff I can do alone. Like patching, sanding, and painting. I`ll take pictures tomorrow night and post here with a blurb soon after.

On to something new for a little. As if my time isn’t already spread thin with nursing school as it is, I’ve decided to dive in to something new.



Its a microprocessor that allows the user to write code that can be run on it. The board had the ability to run other electronic components – LEDs, LCD screens, fans, servos, just about anything really. While I know -nothing- about the internal workings of electronics (like what a transistor, or resistor is) the scripting language that the unit uses is based on C/C++ and I consider myself rather fluent in MOO code which is based on C/C++. After taking a look at some samples, I was pleased to see that it all made sense and began to brainstorm some beginner’s projects.

I plan to post my code here along with some videos of my creations. Of course.. I think I need to get a webcam or something then. Unless youtube takes .mov files then I can use my digital camera in video mode.

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 at 21:56
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