Show off your Geeky RPG Toys!

C`mon. Whatcha got? Something you picked up at a convention? Maybe you made it yourself or even had it custom made just for you. Whether its a unique one-of-a-kind toy or something just plain cool, our toys can say a lot about us.

Let’s define just what a “toy” is. In this case, it`ll be just about anything besides rule books and normal dice. If it came down to it, you could run your gaming session with just those items. But what toys have you added to your sessions? A custom made battlemat? Purdy dice tower? A foam padded sword and shield you -must- don while playing? A dice tray from The Dwarven Sweatshoppe?

I`ll start the `Show-and-Tell` off with my three goodies.

First, my Uber d20:
(click for larger image)

Yep. That’s a crocheted d20. I was puttering around on Etsy when I came across a listing for a Crocheted d20 Pattern PDF for sale. Cheap enough…but I can’t crochet. Wife doesn’t either (whatta bum!). As luck would have it, I was in the Etsy chat rooms and met someone who did crochet and was interested in some of the chainmaille I had listed on the site. In exchange for a chainmaille bracelet, she bought the PDF and built me that bad boy. One thing I noticed before she began construction was that the PDF did not have the numbers in the right places so I supplied her with a diagram and some pics of a normal d20. It rocks :) I’m a little nervous to actually use it as I’m sure it`ll get dirty fast and I’m not sure how to properly clean it.

Second, my mace wielding crocheted cleric:
(Click for larger pic)

I guess I might have a thing for crocheted items..? The mace and eyes are made from that craft clay that you shape and then bake to set its form. And.. get this. The mace even glows in the flippin dark! This was made by a comradette of mine who may actually make more like it (different styles, colors, weapons) if she saw a demand for them. Contact me if you’re interested.

Lastly, and I’m sorry..its a shameless plug, is my chainmaille dice bag.
(Click for larger pic)

This is what I make! All different colors, materials, and sizes. The one pictured is my personal one which is made from brass and holds around 30 dice. A leather cord with a bead fastens the top shut.  Also, one just like it is a prize for The Chatty DM’s Kobold Love Project. If you’re interested in picking one of these up, head over to my store and customize one from the numerous materials available.

Regardless of it toy is functional or just a nice bit of eye candy, its presence at the table can add to the overall fun and atmosphere of the session. So, go ahead and post some comments here telling of or showing pictures of your cherished toys.

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 at 23:02
  • Ian Winterbottom
    Oct 1st, 2008 at 05:01 | #1

    How incredibly supercool! I can imagine players eating their hearts out when they see a bag like that! As for that bikini, words fail me; what a pity I am a feller! I also like that Cleric, wonder if the better half would make me something like it? I construct my own monsters from clay, but your own “fluffy” Character has to be unique!

  • Oct 1st, 2008 at 09:37 | #2

    Ah I’m still trying to find a model to wear the bikini so I can grab some portfolio pictures. I made it to fit a display piece which turned out to be sorta abnormally small.

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